Nevada’s Highest Level of Care, Nevada’s Highest Level of Safety.
Nevada’s Highest Level of Care, Nevada’s Highest Level of Safety.

UMC Now Offers COVID-19 Tests for all Admitted Patients

Stepping up to serve as a trusted leader in Nevada’s fight against COVID-19, UMC continues to set an example for the health care industry by expanding access to testing services and introducing innovative measures to safeguard the health of patients and staff. As a result of the hospital’s commitment to preparedness and clinical excellence, UMC now offers the state’s most comprehensive patient safety protocols.

UMC recently became the first and only hospital in Nevada to offer universal COVID-19 testing to every admitted patient, significantly improving the hospital’s ability to quickly identify and isolate patients with active COVID-19 infections.

“When community members visit UMC for emergencies or routine procedures, they can rest assured that every patient admitted to our hospital has been tested for COVID-19,” said Dr. Shadaba Asad, UMC’s Medical Director of Infectious Disease. “This additional layer of safety not only provides our patients with valuable peace of mind, it plays a key role in UMC’s overall strategy to reduce the spread of COVID-19 across Southern Nevada.”

The hospital also provides COVID-19 testing to all surgery patients, running tests the day prior to their scheduled cases. This safeguard allows UMC to meet the health care needs of the community by providing elective surgeries in an incredibly safe and controlled environment.

UMC serves as Nevada’s leader in COVID-19 testing, offering the state’s highest-capacity COVID-19 lab. With the ability to run 10,000 COVID-19 tests each day, UMC has significantly expanded Nevada’s overall testing capabilities.

UMC’s commitment to preventing the spread of COVID-19 is immediately apparent upon entering the facility, with highly trained medical professionals utilizing cutting-edge thermal imaging cameras to quickly and accurately screen every person who enters the hospital. Additional safeguards include mandatory face coverings, dedicated isolation units, visitor and patient health screenings, hundreds of additional hand hygiene stations and expanded cleaning schedules to promote the safest possible environment for patients.

“Our team has truly gone above and beyond to protect the health of our patients and staff,” said UMC CEO Mason VanHouweling.

Photo: Courtesy of UMC

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