One of the Most Exciting Development Opportunities in the City of Las Vegas
One of the Most Exciting Development Opportunities in the City of Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Medical District (LVMD), home of the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at UNLV, University Medical Center (UMC), Valley Hospital Medical Center, and other ancillary medical facilities and providers, is, today, one of the most exciting development opportunities in the city of Las Vegas.

According to Bill Arent, Deputy Director of Economic and Urban Development for the city, the recent evolution and expansion of the Medical District is putting the area on the map in a big way for potential developers.

“Located within an Opportunity Zone and within the city’s Redevelopment Area, the Las Vegas Medical District offers developers many incentives,” said Arent. “With the growing number of faculty and students at the Medical School, along with hospital workers, there is an increased need for a variety of neighborhood services such as retail and dining, as well as residential development including apartments that provide walkability to work and school.”

Centrally located within the heart of the valley near US 95 and I-15, the LVMD has already benefitted from approximately $400 million in actual and planned private and public investment since 2018, an investment that speaks volumes about the area’s potential, according to Arent.

Recently completed or ongoing public infrastructure improvements include the Bearden Family Paseo that provides an outdoor gathering and respite space offering LVMD workers and students a place to rejuvenate; signage throughout the area that creates a true sense of identity for the district; and significant roadway projects that are improving pedestrian safety, traffic capacity and utility reliability.

Private investment in the LVMD is led by the ongoing development of the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at UNLV for which its first medical education building will be completed this summer; an expansion of Valley Hospital Medical Center’s emergency room; and the completion of Optum Care Cancer Center located at the gateway to the LVMD.

Currently in the pipeline for future growth and expansion are several projects that will contribute to the area’s ongoing revitalization, including a rehabilitation of nine buildings on the UMC campus; a development of the Women’s Cancer Center on the corner of Pinto Lane and Tonopah Drive; future apartment development of more than 200 rental units; and a $60 million investment by G2 Capital Development for a 150,000 square foot medical building and a 75,000 square foot hotel.

For more information about development opportunities at the Las Vegas Medical District, contact Tabitha Pederson at or 702-229-2411.

Photo: Las Vegas Medical District Monument

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