Providing essential diagnostic imaging exams.
Providing essential diagnostic imaging exams.

The team at Desert Radiology aims to keep their patient’s health at the forefront of their practice, even during the most challenging of times. To conduct exams in the safest way possible, Desert Radiology quickly implemented a host of COVID-19 preventative protocols designed to safeguard both patients and teammates while continuing to provide essential preventative and lifesaving diagnostic exams.

Routine screenings such as DEXA (bone density), Mammography and Lung Screening CT exams help detect diseases early, when chances for treatment and cure are improved.  For example, Desert Radiology’s 3D mammography can aid in detecting 20-65% more invasive breast cancers early, and the bone density exams, known as DEXA, assess risks of developing osteoporosis. Both screenings highlight the importance of imaging exams.

While Desert Radiology encourages the continuation of preventative imaging exams to help mitigate potentially damaging, long-term effects of any health concerns, patients can rest assured the team at Desert Radiology is practicing the safest COVID-19 protocols in compliance with CDC and state directives.

Desert Radiology has implemented and is strictly enforcing the following COVID-19 safety protocols:

As a leading authority in essential imaging services, Desert Radiology will continue to apply the latest COVID-19 safety measures that will allow its facilities to remain open for Southern Nevada patients and hospitals who rely on Desert Radiology’s team of experienced physicians, technologists and support staff.

Photo: Courtesy of Desert Radiology

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