Research at UNLV School of Dental Medicine impacts So. NV children.
Research at UNLV School of Dental Medicine impacts So. NV children.

UNLV School of Dental Medicine has earned a reputation for offering an intense education curriculum coupled with extensive clinical experiences. But there is one offering, not as well known, that continues to elevate a graduate’s resume and benefit the community at large—research.

The state’s only four-year accredited dental school mirrors the university’s drive to support and promote research as well as engage in creative and scholarly pursuits that enable students and faculty to recognize their full intellectual potential.

Students engaged in research activities participate in the discovery and development of what could become new treatment options, advanced techniques, and diagnostic procedures.

Faculty and students at the School of Dental Medicine lead multiple bench-research studies within more than 4,000 square feet of laboratory space, and multiple socio-economic, oral hygiene habits, and education studies within the community.

According to the school’s faculty who lead the various projects, students who participate in community health-focused studies within underserved communities often migrate to those areas after they graduate and deliver more comprehensive care to residents.

Two of the studies that impacted children within Southern Nevada and the state include:

Research also encourages students to seek new solutions and stay abreast of the latest developments in diagnostics and treatments, which helps them become well respected leaders in their field and within the communities they serve.


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