Starburst Parlour in the Medical District Specializes in 100% Gluten- and Sugar-Free Sweet, Savory Treats
Starburst Parlour in the Medical District Specializes in 100% Gluten- and Sugar-Free Sweet, Savory Treats

First time business owner Jill Shlesinger chose the Las Vegas Medical District for her brick-and-mortar keto bakery, Starburst Parlor, because she wanted a location that was close to home. As it turns out, her choice couldn’t have been better if she had studied detailed site selection reports.

“Being in the heart of the Medical District in such close proximity to major institutions and businesses with a massive number of employees has meant we have a steady flow of customers all day long,” said Shlesinger, whose bakery also delivers within an eight-mile radius. “But some of my favorite customers are the patients who come in to reward themselves with a healthy treat after a doctor’s appointment.”

Starburst Parlor’s 100% gluten- and sugar-free sweet and savory menu items are popular among both customers with dietary restrictions and those who simply want a delicious and healthy option. Shlesinger’s sweet selections vary from day-to-day, but always feature her bestselling cupcakes, cheesecakes, cookies and muffins. Shlesinger has even started fulfilling customer’s requests for special occasions and wedding cakes. Beyond baked goods, Starburst Parlor sells sugar-free ice cream, gluten-free pizza and bagels, and a full menu of coffee and tea offerings.

Shlesinger, who has been baking for years to address her own dietary restrictions, has a passion for making people happy through food. Delighting in making client-inspired creations, Shlesinger takes extra effort to ensure her baked goods are customized in ways that feel special to her customers “It’s literally like living a dream,” she said. “I meet people every day who say I’m helping them. Cancer survivors, diabetics, people with Celiac disease, keto afficionados, and those with heart disease – all of whom are craving the things I was craving – delicious treats.”

“Life deserves to be celebrated and when you can do it with tasty, keto treats all the better!”  

Photo: Courtesy of Starburst Parlour: Jill Shlesinger, owner, in Starburst Parlour

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