Steinberg Diagnostic (SDMI) is focusing on the way a patient feels.
Steinberg Diagnostic (SDMI) is focusing on the way a patient feels.

The healthcare industry is focusing like never before on the way patients feel (emotionally) while undergoing tests, treatments and more. It’s a welcome change, for most individuals, and with more and more patients in the driver’s seat of their healthcare choices, it’s never been more important for a provider to ensure that their staff is aligned with delivering an exceptional patient experience.

According to Las Vegas resident Fred Locker, he didn’t realize what an impact this type of care would make when he came to Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging (SDMI) for what he thought would be a simple MRI. “They literally saved my life,” stated Locker.  “It was when I went for my first brain scan that I discovered SDMI really cares about you.  It feels like being attended to by a family member”

Fred is a three time cancer survivor and as a result has had more than his fair share of medical imaging.  When he began having severe headaches, his doctor recommended an MRI of the brain.  Diagnosed soon after with brain cancer, Fred attributes his success in beating cancer to the care and attention he received from his radiologist at SDMI.

Dr. George Momii, an SDMI Radiologist since 1992, recalls the case.  “We knew right away the situation was urgent, and sent him to the ER with his MRI images where he could receive the immediate diagnosis and treatment that he needed.”

All the radiologists at Steinberg have a similar commitment to care.  “I know I speak for all the radiologists” added Momii, “That we thoroughly enjoy practicing our specialty, diagnostic imaging.  It’s so incredible to get feedback like this from a patient, and know that we have had a positive impact on their lives and their outcomes.”

So often, patients are coming to a radiology provider like SDMI for answers.  Timely and accurate findings with personalized attention that makes you feel like a loved family member – and that’s what patients are looking for. Excelling equally in both areas is what distinguishes SDMI.

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Photo: Provided by SDMI – Fred Locker.

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