Valley Hospital Medical Center and Marlene Boersma
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It was a normal Sunday morning for Marlene and John Boersma of Kingman, Arizona. Wake up. Have some breakfast. Get ready for church. Then the normal turned abnormal. As Marlene was deciding what to wear for the day, she felt a burning, hot, heavy sensation from the back of her head to her face. Her intuition said she needed medical care immediately.

She was rushed to the local hospital in Kingman and the emergency team there quickly determined that Marlene had an intracranial hemorrhage and needed more advanced care than they could provide. She was airlifted to Valley Hospital Medical Center in Las Vegas where there is an advanced interventional neurology suite of services available.

“Valley Hospital saved my life,” Marlene said. “The team at Valley Hospital is a well-oiled machine,” her husband added. “We’re so fortunate that she was brought there. The true compassion from the staff in ER to the ICU and the rehabilitation unit, along with the support groups was amazing.”

Valley Hospital’s interventional neurology suite is equipped to treat complex vascular disorders, including brain hemorrhages, aneurysms and tumors using procedures like angiography, angioplasty, IVC filter placement and kyphoplasty.

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Photos: Valley Hospital Medical Center; Dr. Paul H. Janda, D.O., J.D., Director of Neurology Residency Program at Valley Hospital Medical Center and patient, Marlene Boersma
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