Super Hero Gown-Capes at SDMI
Super Hero Gown-Capes at SDMI

Whimsical “super hero” designs on medical gowns put kids at ease

Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging (SDMI), the largest locally owned and operated outpatient medical imaging company in Southern Nevada with eight locations valley-wide, recently introduced specially designed pediatric gowns featuring “super hero” designs for its youngest and smallest patients.

According to Dr. Ho Nguyen, Pediatric Radiologist, SDMI, putting kids at ease and reducing their anxiety when undergoing imaging was the motivation for this project.  To that end, SDMI’s marketing staff conceived the idea of the super hero gowns.

“The goal is to create a relaxed, friendly atmosphere during what can be a stressful time for families and children,” said Dr. Nguyen.  “Young patients can choose between one of two designs:  a super hero with a blue cape or a super hero princess with a pink cape.”

“Undergoing a medical imaging procedure can be intimidating for adults, and even more so for children,” said Dr. Nguyen. “Wearing a super-hero gown that also includes a cape, is a fun distraction.  We are already encouraged by the response the gowns are getting from both children and their parents.”

The gowns were designed by Las Vegan Kelly Bogda, who started Courageous Capes to honor her brother who passed away. “I started Courageous Capes so every child going through a medical battle can feel like a kid,” she said.   

Initially, the specialty gowns are being offered to children who are undergoing MRIs at all of SDMI’s locations valley-wide.  Eventually, the plan is to use the gowns with all modalities and procedures.

Photo: Super Girls – courtesy of SDMI

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